Breast Cancer Programs

We are women supporting women.
We are survivors supporting survivors.

From diagnosis through treatment and beyond, all breast cancer survivors are eligible for a lifetime 30% discount on all Handful bras and activewear through our online Breast Friends Forever program.

For any woman who has lost all or part of their breast(s) to cancer, Handful provides FREE additional pad sets that can be stacked and used as lightweight foam prosthetics in any pocketed Handful bra through our online Flat and Fabulous program

The 1 in 8 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer are an essential part of our sisterhood of sass. For this reason, we donate 12.5% of all revenue from the sale of our Battle Cry Pink bras to the Young Survival CoalitionClick here for more information on our partnership.

We believe there is great healing to be found at the intersection of cancer and fitness. So wake up, pick a color, get dressed happy, and go grab life by the Handful!

Please fill out our Breast Friends Forever form to enroll in our survivor support programs


Cary Goldberg is the Director of Survivor Relations at Handful, and she is a double mastectomy unreconstructed and double flat and fabulous breast cancer survivor.

Cary Goldberg (shown above) is our Director of Survivor Relations. She was featured in the Scar Project. Cary supports every survivor's path to wholeness, no matter which surgical path is chosen, but she wants every survivor to know that remaining flat after mastectomy is a kick ass option too that provides the fastest recovery time, maximum return on range of motion, fewer follow up scans to check for recurrence, and no repeat surgeries for implant swaps every 8-10 short, less down time, more moments to GRAB LIFE!


Breast Cancer Survivor Wearing a Handful Bra and Pad Prosthetics and Holding a Cancer Crusher Sign