How to Use Handful Pads as Prosthetics
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Watch Cary Kim, our Director of Survivor Relations, demonstrate how to use our Handful Lights Out Pads as prosthetics for breast cancer survivors who have had a lumpectomy, single mastectomy, or double mastectomy. Click here to enroll in our survivor support programs.

Transcription of the video above: 

Hi, I’m Cary and I’m coming to you from Handful headquarters to talk to you about what I wear in my Handful bra.

So, as you know, the hidden pocket of the bra can be used for a credit card, a key fob, your lipgloss, or whatever you want to stash and go to be hands free. 

But for me, as a double flat woman with no reconstruction, I wear three pads on each side as my everyday prosthetic. It’s lightweight, it washes and dries overnight, and most importantly it passes the hug test. No one can tell what's in my Handful cause it’s nobody's business. And even our Handful CEO, who is not a survivor, sometimes wears two pads and calls it "high-heels in Vegas" - but no one needs to know about that either.

So, here’s my look and I’m going to show you how I get it with our "No Headlights White" Handful Adjustable Bra. So, this is a fully stuffed Handful Adjustable Bra, and as you can see, you pull out three pads. They’re in a stack, and they’re all oriented left and right. In this case you put the points so they are all facing the same direction. When you put them into the bra, you want to make sure that you don’t put them in like that…because then they stick out of the pocket. You want to rotate them so that the points match the top of the bra. Roll them into a taco, and put them in the pocket, and then you’re ready to go, whether it’s to work or the gym. Sometimes, if I wear this to workout in, and the inner one gets sweaty, I’ll just pop that one out and throw that one in the wash, and then I can still wear the pads, but that’s up to you.

So, this bra is 30% off for any Survivor. Head-to-toe Handful, whether it's activewear or bras, we offer any Survivor 30% off, as just one small perk for having had cancer. If you’ve lost a breast to cancer, we give you the extra pads free of charge.

Stay tuned to the end of the video to find out more about how to get in touch with me and get these discounts -- because you deserve them.

Cary Goldberg is a double mastectomy no reconstruction flat and fabulous survivor who was featured on the Scar Project.

Cary Kim (shown above) is our Director of Survivor Relations. She was featured in the Scar Project. Cary supports every survivor's path to wholeness, no matter which surgical path is chosen, but she wants every survivor to know that remaining flat after mastectomy is a kick ass option too that provides the fastest recovery time, maximum return on range of motion, fewer follow up scans to check for recurrence, and no repeat surgeries for implant swaps every 8-10 short, less down time, more moments to GRAB LIFE!