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Alena Almquist-Heater

on February 15, 2019

Alena Almquist-Heater is a Social Media and Marketing Manager at Handful and Personal Trainer based in Portland, OR.

Alena joined the Handful team and became an amBADASSador in 2016 after connecting with founder Jennifer at a Body Positive Parade. She found Handful shared in her beliefs of helping women everywhere to be comfortable in themselves and was very happy to join the team and keep sharing these messages. She helps manage Handful's social media accounts, digital marketing efforts, collaborations, influencer outreach and the amBADASSador program. She is very passionate about helping to curate community, both online and off, and about sharing the brand’s message and core values of “supporting” women to grab life by the handful.

Alena has been running her own Social Media accounts, promoting women empowerment, self love and care, body positivity and a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the past 4 years. You can learn more about her journey on Instagram

or on her blog 

Alena grew up in Ashland, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in French and Spanish. She has a passion for travel and languages and before moving to Portland, lived abroad in France, Spain and Germany. She loves being active in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, eating out at all the delicious places Portland has to offer and going on adventures with her husband, Dan.

You can reach Alena by email at