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Handful bras are the best bras for double and single mastectomies and post-surgery bras

Testimonial from a Survivor in Massachusetts...

March 24, 2016

Hopeless.  With a giant side of depressing.  That’s what it can feel like to try on “regular” clothing after a bilateral mastectomy.  Something that used to be such a simple task as getting dressed had turned into an absolute dreaded chore for me.  The last thing I wanted to do was put on one of my old (aka pre-surgery) t-shirts.  And a V-neck one at that?  Impossible…just, NO.   The thought of going back to yoga class was too intimidating with my old yoga tops gaping and showing too much during certain poses.  But then I tried your Handful tank.  Yowza!!  I can’t believe a tank top can give me such confidence!   Your bras are so fabulously designed for mastectomy patients.  I can’t wear the hundreds of dollars worth of foobs and pocketed bras that my insurance has paid for because they put too much pressure on my chest and under arm area, but your bras are perfect!  The pads are lightweight yet give a flattering shape (I use two or three sets) and don’t shift to the middle of the bra thanks to the center seam, unlike some other sport and cami style bras I have tried.  I just placed a Handful order for bras to bring with me on a girls’ weekend with my friends.  
Thank you so very much for making such a great product that truly makes a huge difference in people’s lives!
With much appreciation,
Pepperell, MA

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Use a measuring tape around your bust and ribcage and measure in inches to determine what size would fit you best. Handful can comfortably accommodate an A, B, or C cup. D+ cups can wear Handful Bras as an every day leisure, yoga and walking bra, but the higher the cup size, the more your cups might runneth over!

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