Cindi's Handful Story

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Cindi's Handful Story

on October 19, 2016
I have been in a long term love affair with Handful since 2009, when I first tried one on at the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix. Finally, a flattering and feminine sports bra I could wear on a run and not look like a boy with my AA chest. I loved what it did for my body so much that I decided to sell this amazing product as an independent sales rep for the brand. Little did I know that 7 years later, I would come to love and appreciate it even more, since I could step into it and pull it up following my lumpectomy surgery. Yes, a small lump proved to be an aggressive cancer diagnosis. My small chest and being fit saved my life, because I was able to feel a 6-8mm lump during a self-exam. 
I was scared, but determined to overcome this "major inconvenience," since I had already signed up and paid for two half marathons. Trying to be positive, I woke up each day and put one foot in front of the other. I endured biopsies, a lumpectomy, radiation treatments for 6 weeks, and ongoing chemotherapy. I am blessed to have family and friends who are also positive, glass half full personalities. They help remind me of the "lucky" part of this diagnosis. Lucky to have 2016 technology and research. Lucky to have a targeted biologic therapy for my Her2+, grade 3, aggressive sub type of breast cancer. Lucky to have found the lump, before it had time to move to a vital organ. Lucky that my mom, who had already watched helplessly as her 16 year old granddaughter died from brain cancer, buried her husband of 50 years, and lived to be 91, didn't have to also see her baby deal with breast cancer. Lucky to work for this amazing sportswear company that makes you feel feminine, no matter what life throws your way.
Handful embraces the women who are dealing with this disease and are always on a mission to promote and enhance women’s self-esteem. The removable pads can be used as a prosthetic by doubling or tripling the pads, and they will provide them for free to any woman who has lost a breast to cancer.
I will survive. I will try to be a good example to my son and daughter that a positive attitude, a healthy lifestyle, and body awareness are key.  I have been running, though a bit slower and for fewer miles, but I'm moving, and I’m doing so in my Handful Bra. I ran 7 miles the day after my 7th chemo treatment, and I’m still running after my 15th chemo and 6 weeks of radiation are complete.  I have not missed a Monday morning hill workout with my daughter, and I don't plan on missing any. FU Cancer!
Cindi Mele

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