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Conscious Gratitude: Ask These 20 Questions

on August 02, 2022

Take a Moment to Ask Yourself These 20 Questions
There are times in our lives when it’s easy to be sucked into deep worry, negativity, and sadness. Culturally, we can often feel inundated by social media that doesn’t reflect reality or the latest bad news, and it can be a slippery slope to feeling overwhelmed and allow it to take over your day.

Fret not, my beautiful Handful, for there are little ways to battle through the clouds and you can be a warrior of gratitude who sheds light and positivity in your world and to those around you. This may seem trite or even downright cheesy, but conscious gratitude is a simple way to unplug and rewire your mind to steer away from the darkness to find joy and peace, and it often is just a matter of taking time to recognize the goodness in your life. 

Need a helping hand to get you there? We get it! Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

  1. What abilities do I have for which I’m grateful?
  2. What’s something you witnessed lately that reminded you that life is good?
  3. What life experience (good or bad) have I had that I’m grateful for having learned from?
  4. What material possessions am I thankful for?
  5. What or who has made me laugh or smile recently?
  6. How am I lucky in my life?
  7. Who do I have in my life that I appreciate?
  8. What is something fun I get to do later? (Maybe it’s a vacation, maybe it’s simply meeting a friend for a walk or a drink).
  9. What’s something I’ve learned recently that has improved my life?
  10. What activities (a ritual, a workout, a group, a hobby, or events, etc.) am I grateful for?
  11. How can I be thankful for the challenges I’ve experienced in my life? What did I learn from them?
  12. What in nature inspires me and why?
  13. What’s the most beautiful thing you saw today?
  14. What have others in my life done for me for which I’m thankful?
  15. What’s something that’s made my life better in the last year that wasn’t there at this time last year?
  16. In what ways can I help others today or sometime soon? How have I helped others recently and how did this make me feel?
  17. What’s one thing I enjoyed about my job recently?
  18. What movie, TV show, book, blog, or article affected your life for the better recently?
  19. Who in your life has survived something difficult? How do you feel when you think about how they’ve successfully made it through?
  20. What’s one kind or thoughtful thing someone did for me recently?

We are grateful for YOU and everyone in our Handful community. Wishing you joy and gratitude so you can go out and Grab Life by the Handful. You’ve got this!


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