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The Handful Adjustable Bra: Strap Configurations for Maximum Versatility

on August 31, 2021

Handful 3-Way Adjustable Sports Bra

When looking for the right Sports Bra or Everyday bra, we as shoppers generally look for 3 things: Comfort, Support and Versatility. We want a bra that we can put on and almost forget it's there because your bra is just that comfortable -  and when you’re changing into your next outfit having a bra that can change with you makes life that much easier. Handful Activewear has just the bra for you!

Here at Handful Activewear, we know that our customers are women who lead busy lives, so we made sure our product can be just as flexible! Wear it the way you want!

The Handful Adjustable Bra is a soft and washable, chafe-free moisture-wicking sports bra with straps that can be worn in three ways. Our Adjustable Sports Bra is also made with recycled polyester, features convenient pockets along the sides as well as space to place our removable bra pads. 

X Back Cross Strap - Handful Adjustable Sports Bra

The X Back

Our X Back strap configuration adds a little more support from the Straight Up strap. When you want to switch up the style, simply unhook the straps from the 2 notches in the back, cross the 2 straps over the back and re-hook into place. 

Straight Up Spaghetti strap Adjustable Sports Bra

The Straight up

The straight up strap configuration is our standard style that can be worn under most clothing seamlessly. It provides ample support as well as comfort for everyday wear - These straps can be adjusted in length as needed.

Halter Strap Adjustable Sports bra

The Halter

Our Halter style configuration is great when you want to give your shoulders a break or have an open-back style dress or shirt. Whether you started with the x-strap or straight up strap, to achieve the Halter strap style, you would undo both straps and simply hook the straps to each other. This configuration also allows you to adjust or tighten the straps to your needs. 

Whether you're on your way to the gym, going from a day-to-night outfit or just want to switch it up, the Handful Adjustable Bra has you covered. Choose from up to 7 of our Core color options, or select one of our limited edition colors for a more unique option. 

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