Marathon Sports Stores - “Brand Spotlight: Handful”

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Marathon Sports Stores - “Brand Spotlight: Handful”

on April 09, 2018

This was originally posted on the Marathon Sports Blog, and we are re-posting it here.

”Grab life by the Handful!”

An assortment of Handful bras featured at Marathon Sports Stores

"Handful bras have just landed in select Marathon Sports stores. This fun product line was created for women, by women, and is all about having fun and being happy.

'We’re not about engineering workout wear that will shave five seconds off your PR, just like our main goal isn’t creating a lacy number for gettin’ lucky (although if you manage to do either or both in our product, good for you, sister!)

We make apparel that makes you happy. Happy because it fits just right and feels great no matter what you’re doing. Happy because the women who designed them thought of all the details, leaving you with one – make that two – less things to worry about. And happy because, by buying a Handful, you bought a lifetime membership to our sisterhood of sass.'


First thing’s first: the support (pun intended!) that Handful offers to women dealing with breast cancer as well as breast cancer survivors is INCREDIBLE. Handful bras are eligible for insurance coverage for women who have had a mastectomy. The bras have stackable cups for women who have had a mastectomy. AND, if a woman chooses not to go through insurance, all breast cancer survivors who want to pay out of pocket get 30% off. Handful has a survivor ambassador community called the Cancer Crushers.

Handful spring line bras, the Adjustble Off Ther Grid Print and Bound and Determined Bras featured at Marathon Sports Stores

Aside from that, Handful Bras are flattering, functional, and they feel great! They have removable pads, soft, moisture-wicking fabric, and super fun styles.

Handful Bras are available in Marathon Sports in Norwell, Wellesley, Cambridge, and Northampton stores."


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