Handful Bras for Larger Sizes

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Handful Bras for Larger Sizes

on February 14, 2018

We mean it when we say Handful wants to support ALL women.

In addition to making bras from XS to XL, which covers a span of band sizes from 32 to 44.5, and covers a range of cup sizes from no cup (double mastectomies with no reconstruction), to D-cups. An essential part of our mission is to make a bra for breast cancer survivors that can be used as a single mastectomy bra as well as bras for double mastectomy survivors. We know we can still do more for this population with more size options, but now we also want to make bras that fit an even broader spectrum of sizes and needs: bras for even larger breasts.

And we want you to know we are working on it.

The process of bringing products from design, to manufacturer, to you, however, is a long and complicated road. From the first creative brainstorming meeting with the design team to seeing those ideas come to life on paper to finding the right fabric, getting samples, reviewing first, second and then third prototypes and then enlisting willing subjects to wear test them, and finally putting in an order and awaiting the months' long delivery time...it is a lengthy labor of love. And one that can take up to a year and stretches our very limited budget for expansion. 

If it were only as simple as just SIZING UP all of our designs...but it takes a lot more than that (believe us we have tried the easy way). Our bodies are all built so differently, and whether you have larger breasts, hips, shoulders, legs, or any other part, that changes the fit and support structure requirements in order to have the garment support your body in the ways we all want it to. Thus, we must go the much harder route and create an entirely new design and pattern.

As a small business, we have to choose which projects we have the means to focus on, one at a time. Our current target area is working to get a BRA that will better support those with larger breasts but still fit the chest circumferences of our XS-XL customers. *Update: We are thrilled to share that we have a supportive, flattering new front zip bra coming early Spring 2019 designed to support larger breasts and still hold our pads for any survivor wearing them as prothestics*.

After we figure that out, we will move on to our next project, expanding our line to include a bra that will fit those who need some extra space and additional support, and eventually bottoms that flatter and fit a curvier build. We are thrilled to announce that we have recently hired an amazing Creative Director, Jennifer Thomas Elder, who is helping us work towards these goals at a faster pace than we have been able to keep in the past.

As a small, women-owned and operated business, we take pride in every single product we put out into the Universe, because each one is made FOR women BY women, and so much time, energy, thought, and love goes into each and every piece. We want to make sure we are putting out the best product we can, so you continue to feel supported - literally and figuratively - by Handful. 

We appreciate your understanding, your love of our brand and for supporting our mission to fuel female empowerment. There are so many wonderful things to come, and we thank you for being along for the ride!

Much love,
Alena & Team Handful


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