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Let's talk. No, really.

on November 17, 2020

Day: Nov 18th
Time: 3pm PST
The link to listen in live is HERE

Let's Talk Panel #2 - Keeping the Momentum Going with Racial Equity
Racial injustices and inequities have been at the forefront of 2020 with the evolution of technology and the realization that reconciliation is long overdue. Oppression’s existence is becoming more realized as allyship grows with inclusivity being a goal of those doing the self work. As politics wind down, 2021 emerges, and physical distancing comes and goes many of us are asking, “How do we keep the momentum going for racial equity?”

Join us for a panel discussion lead by voices in the movement for equality as well as allies as we look in the past of 2020 towards what the future can hold for a brighter hope of unification.


Meet the Panel!



Did you miss the first panel? Listen in below:


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