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Reasons to Stay Hydrated

on May 19, 2022

Don’t forget to hydrate!

I mean, we hear it all the time, right? Yet some of us are better at staying hydrated and drinking water than others. Like anything else, building healthy habits into a daily routine eventually makes them second nature. Getting a great water bottle, for example, and carrying it with you everywhere can be a consistent reminder, or even using an app that helps you tally your hydration efforts (nope, coffee and wine, sadly, don’t count) can contribute to appreciating and adopting changes that help in the long run.

Water is, of course, the absolute best way to rehydrate and stay hydrated. If it’s helpful and motivating, you might try adding in some infused fruit, throwing in lemon, mandarin orange slices, or even some fresh rosemary (think spa vibes), and if you need the flavor boost a splash of Gatorade works (although not too much or you’re loading up on sugar, too). Whatever it takes to get it done, just do it, right?

There are so many reasons to stay hydrated. Having the right proportion (aim to drink daily a ½ to 1oz of water for each pound you weigh) of fluids in your body:

💧Fuels your muscles
💧Cushions your joints
💧Promotes healthy kidney function
💧Supports mental clarity
💧Gives you energy
💧Helps with clearer skin
💧Reduces bloating
💧Strengthens your immune system

 What’s not to love about that? Drink up, friends.

 Cheers, everyone!




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