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Weight Loss Plateau? 6 Helpful Tips to Break It!

on February 03, 2022
tips to break weight loss plateau


Achieving your goal weight can be tough when tons of factors might be causing a plateau - Typically, weight tends to come off fairly rapidly at first, but at some point, it seems as though your weight won’t budge. Don’t be discouraged! This is a common issue for many women and now is the time to continue to push through to meet your weight-loss goals. 

Keep reading for tips on how to break through your weight loss plateau: 

Eat More Fiber: It’s easier to stick to a well-balanced diet if you don’t constantly feel hungry - by increasing your fiber intake, you can feel fuller longer. Adding more fiber to your diet also keeps your digestive process running smoothly. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are all great sources of dietary fiber. Remember, when you’re cutting calories and battling a weight loss plateau, every little bit counts. 

Eat More Often: Instead of eating three square meals daily, eat small meals every three to four hours to keep your metabolism active. A mix of protein, fiber-rich carbohydrates, and healthy fats are the most effective combination for a high-value meal. 

Drink Plenty of Water: When you're in the process of figuring out your ideal weight loss routine, consistent water intake is a must. You want to make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Drinking more water can also help prevent you from feeling hungrier more often

Switch Up Your Exercise Routine: If you’ve been doing the same routine three times a week for thirty minutes for the last six months, it’s time to switch it up. It's easy to get stuck doing the same things but hen you do the exact same amount and type of exercise as when you first started trying to lose weight, your body will adapt and will burn fewer calories. Burn more calories by mixing up what your body is used to - increase your weights, run longer or find a new routine online

Get Good Rest: Bad sleeping habits can lower your body’s metabolism and affect its ability to burn calories at an efficient rate. Sleep deprivation can also lead to cravings for high-calorie comfort foods which could definitely derail your goals. If you’re having trouble sleeping, check out 7 Tips to Getting Healthier Sleep 

Celebrate the Wins!: If the amount of weight you’ve lost has slowed down dramatically and you’re feeling discouraged, try to focus instead on the gains you’ve made over the duration of your journey.  Notice the small wins like how your clothes might fit better, your newfound energy - how it's easier to get up the stairs without getting winded or how the inches have fallen off. Those are the things to keep in mind when the scale isn’t budging and you want to quit. 


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