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Jessica Pack

on February 15, 2019

Jessica Pack is an Orlando based health and fitness influencer. She started her healthier lifestyle journey in June of 2015 after realizing her ability to see herself in the way she deserved to be seen wouldn't come from the self hatred she felt, but through the belief in knowing she was worthy and deserving of her own self love. Through her journey, she's found passion for promoting self empowerment, acceptance, and love by living a balanced, compassionate, and kind lifestyle through exercise and nourishing the body more healthily. 

Her passion for living a healthier and happier life has lead her to want to help others do the same. She has written a book, Planking for Pizza, about her own self discovery journey, and has been inspired to become both a Certified Life Coach and Certified Personal Trainer (in progress), so that she can help other women become their best selves too.

You can read on blog and follow along on her journey at