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Nadia Ruiz

on February 15, 2019
With 20 years of competitive experience and an established relationship in the running and triathlon community, Nadia Ruiz's endurance journey began at the age of 14 when she stepped onto her the start line of her first marathon. Inspired and learning about for the first time of the Ironman World Championship of 140.6 miles in Kona, Hawaii, Nadia wanted to explore what she could be capable of. Never an athlete herself or skilled enough for team sports, she decided to jump into the marathon distance with eyes closed, open mind, and full heart. It was crossing the finish line for the first time with her father who also ran his first marathon with her that transformed her. She realized: she could do anything if she really let go of fear and jumped.
Handful amBADASSador Nadia Ruiz wearing the Can't Be Beet Peek-A-Breeze Long Sleeve top and Adjustable Bra
Native from Los Angeles, Nadia is an educator, coach, and speaker aiming to make a change in the community by motivating and inspiring individuals of all backgrounds to achieve their goals. She gradated from UCLA with a Bachelor's in Biology, Master's Degree in Education, and Biology Teacher's credential. She has taught, coached, and worked in event production for the past 12 years. Inspired to continue to motivate her community and encourage her family to be active, she explored the world through her running and challenged every fear she could when attempting a new challenge. In 2013, Nadia was named the Youngest Latina to Run 100 Marathons in the world for the Guinness World Record. The record now continues to be broken, and Nadia continues to pursue new goals. Now at age 34, she has now completed over 140 marathons with over 70 as Boston Qualifiers, 90 half marathons, 5 Ironmans, 14 ultra marathons, 11 half marathons, and several adventure or multistage events. Nadia's goal is to continue to inspire the community and make an impact as a coach, motivational speaker, and athlete demonstrating we each have it within us to follow our dreams. Handful amBADASSador Nadia Ruiz