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365 Days of Intentional Fitness -- By Sara Keleher

365 Days of Intentional Fitness -- By Sara Keleher

June 04, 2019

We met Sara at the Young Survival Coalition Summit in Austin this year and immediately fell in love with her and started avidly following her on Instagram @sara.keleher. When she posted this recently, we asked if we could please share it with our community. She generously agreed, and we want to point out that in the last photo this badass is holding out her stack of Handful pads because she is flat on one side after a mastectomy.

365 DAYS of #IntentionalFitness!! It started as a 30 day challenge to myself to help me reclaim my body after active treatment for breast cancer. I wanted to feel like I had some control again. But, after 30 days, I figured why not keep going?

So, here I am 365 days later out running through a storm. Well, a San Diego storm, which is really just a drizzle and ominous clouds... yes, those are raindrops on my sunglasses. 😂

But, such a fitting analogy for this milestone, right? I literally had to run through it to get to my turnaround point and then back through it to get home. I mean, if that's not an analogy for life since diagnosis, I don't know what is! You've gotta run into the storm, and the only way out is to just keep running.

The last 365 days have been filled with runs, garage workouts, physical therapy, yoga, walks, paddle boarding, HIIT workouts with friends, swims, and bursts of squats/push-ups/planks late at night to fit something in. And oh yeah that half marathon I did five months after finishing active treatment. 🤷‍♀️😂

What if you decided to show up for yourself for 30 days? What if it turned into 365? What if it then turned into 730 days? I promise you that there is nothing special about me that got me to day 365. Nothing except my decision to show up for myself every day.

When life is tough, sometimes all we can do is show up. And that showing up makes all the difference. Friends, you got this. You can show up for your storm, too. ♥️


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