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Five Self-Care Tips for Moms

on May 03, 2019

Five Self-Care Tips for Moms (and everyone really!) - Written in collaboration with amBADASSador Sarah McKinney

Happy Mother’s Day to all you strong and amazing Moms out there! Being a Mom is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging, jobs out there!  Let’s all face it --motherhood is not always rainbows and unicorns, though that sure would be fun. As a parent it is so easy to get lost in the busy shuffle of life and feel as though you're neglecting yourself because kids and other things often come first.  Getting to a point of self-neglect can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout. Learning to reflect on that and taking special time for yourself can help with refocusing, better perspective, and finding peace in your life. That’s why practicing Self-Care is so important!

Here are 5 tips to continue work on Mommy Self Care!

1. Take Time for Yourself - Schedule 30 solid minutes of your day for you and you alone! This could be a short walk, time to read your favorite book, or even a simple car ride alone can help. This short amount of time may surprise you with how much 30 minutes literally for you and you alone can help keep your sanity in check and help you feel great!!! 

2. Practice Gratitude and Reflection - Get a journal and write down five things that you’re thankful for and three things you will do for yourself daily! Writing these down can help with self-reflection. It can help you as a parent see where energy in your life is flowing from or maybe help redirect the energy if it’s not going the way you want.

3. Move Your Body - Try to give yourself a minimum 30 minute workout daily! YES I SAID GET IN A WORKOUT! You can do a variety of fitness pursuits be they high or low intensity - such as interval training, running, yoga, or walking - the intensity level really isn’t the main point. It’s about moving your body and getting those endorphins flowing!  You may not think a 30 minute workout could do that much, but I encourage you to give it a try and watch how those happy hormones kick in!

4. Dance Your Heart Out - Listen to your favorite music and have a mini dance party!  Dancing is good for your soul and will help you shed negative energy and help you enjoy your day!  If you have not made your favorite playlist yet, throw one together now and rock out to your Mom anthem at your mini dance party!

5. Treat Yourself - Enjoy a pamper session weekly! This could be a nice long bath, spa day, lunch with friends, coffee or cocktails with your girlfriends, or even a nail session just make sure your grant yourself the guilt free time! Pampering yourself will help you relax, refocus, and give you the ability to simply slow down. It is so helpful!

Happy Mom = Happy Life!

These are things we all can squeeze in so start now by giving yourself permission. When you practice these simple self-care practices you will find over time you will have more peace internally. This will also help your kids see that Mommy deserves her time just like they do!  Think of this as your “Mom time-out” that is essential. It will make for happier and healthier days ahead. Now take a few minutes to yourself and think of how you can incorporate these into your daily and weekly life as a MOM!

-- Sarah McKinney

Sarah is a Mom of 4 with a pure love of living life to the fullest. She is a health and wellness coach who focuses on helping women regain their identity, learn to love their bodies, and if they want, gain financial freedom from the daily grind. She also is a special education teacher working with students with Autism.  Her son who is 10 years old has taught her so much about making herself a priority especially with the difficult lessons learned as an Autism Mom. She owes a lot of her success the past few years and her sanity to her ability to practice self-care. She looks forward to helping you explore ways to work on yourself, regain your identity and practice the art of self-care. You can learn more about Sarah and connect with her on Instagram at @sarahamckinney


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