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Straight from Jen

Straight from Jen

April 08, 2019

Not everyone knows the Handful story or the woman behind it.  We thought it was time to catch up with CEO and founder, Jennifer Ferguson.....

👉 How did you come up with the name Handful?

Growing up, my dad would always say, "She's a Handful".  It turned into a perfect tag line for our activewear company, "You're active, you're versatile, you're one of a kind, you're a Handful!"

👉 What is your go-to Handful product?  Why?

This really is an unfair question, like asking, “who is your favorite family member/child?" But my answer to that is "it depends on the day"😂

Of course I LOVE each Handful product in its own special way.  One of the key aspects for me is that I “stash my essentials” in ALL styles of the Handful bra (room key, credit card, driver’s license, lip gloss, gum, fuel for on the run....).   So instead of giving you one (because really I just can't), I'm going to give you my Handful world as I see it this minute.  

* Adjustable Handful Bra: ULTIMATE VERSATILITY 

  • I wear this style from workout to weekend (from wake up to worn out).
  • I wear the straps with a longer setting for when I desire a relaxed feel and a shorter setting for high impact when I need to 'lock N load' (I cinch my straps at the same time I tighten my pony tail, i.e. getting down to serious business).
  • I wear the straps X-back for high impact or to peek thru an open back shirt for color pop.  I wear the straps straight up and down for a more relaxed, everyday feel, and, of course, I like when they show outside the lines of racer back tops as a color accent.  Again with the color pop. 
  • I also utilize the halter setting for SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) as a bathing suit top.  In fact, any Handful is my swim suit top.  Just add bottoms and go!
  • Sometimes I really shake it up.  I've mixed up the straps in numerous other options for HIGH FASHION (aka 2 straps hooked over into one loop under an evening gown that was one shoulder, and I’ve even managed to wear it strapless by tucking the straps….)👏🏻


  • I also wear this style from workout to weekend (wake up to worn out).
  • I love the fashion statement this style makes under tops.  In fact, if I am NOT showing a Handful bra strap something is definitely wrong. 
  • The Y-Back makes a great statement in the back when paired with one of our open back tops.


  • Fashion.  I like the design of the waistline, ankle line and the style lines on the sides.
  • Fabulous Feel.  Self-explanatory - try them, you'll see!
  • Function. I LOVE the TWO POCKETS. I usually have my phone in one and my boarding pass in the other.  Plus, they are made with a new moisture wicking and regulating property that is literally anti-swass technology!


  • Same things as the 7/8 but shorter, so I prefer them for a good sweat sesh.

* Flippin’ Awesome Scoop Tank: FOR TWO IN ONE VERSATILITY!

  • Seriously the BEST tank ever.  Dress it up, dress it down.  Great for travel, I wad it in my bag and roll.  Ain't nobody got time...
  • Party in the front or party in the back - you decide! 💃

👉  What is your favorite quote?

It’s a toss up between the two phrases I'm dying to put on Handful Graphic tanks ASAP.

1 - Grab Life by the Handful 

* Handful is an ATTITUDE… it’s NOT a LOOK or an AGE or a WEIGHT or a SKIN COLOR or an IQ… (carpe diem = seize the day = Grab Life by the Handful!)

2 - #yourewelcome 

"You Are Welcome" aka “door's open, walk thru it, c’mon in and Grab Life by the Handful”…  GET IN THE BOAT… it doesn’t matter if you water ski on 2 skis or 1 ski… U R welcome!  The more the merrier and together we are stronger!  👭

Also I think it is an important replacement to SORRY (when there’s nothing to be sorry for #sorrynotsorry)….instead of saying “sorry,” you say “you’re welcome.”

If that doesn't make sense, here are some examples:

* your child says “but I don’t like these kind of noodles” (when you made dinner). #yourewelcome 

* your child says “I don’t like to go skiing” (after you have taught them how to ski and bought their gear throughout the years). #yourewelcome 

* your husband asks in a concerning manner “what are you wearing” (after you put together what you think is a fun outfit).  #yourewelcome P.S. My husband's favorite look on me is "not bitchy."  

👉 What is your guilty pleasure?

Bubbly, wine, and dessert. 🍷

👉 What do you want your message to the Handful community to be?

Grab Life by the Handful to the best you can each and every day! Namaste: "may the light that shines in me recognize and see the light that shines in you!" Honestly, we all live busy lives.  Handful wants to be the one high fiving you for it all - whether you chose to give yourself a break for the day or you went after something big.  Whatever you do, live it, own it, grab it.  Celebrate you - the easy, the hard, and the in between and know that you ARE amazing.  ⭐️


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Sizing Chart

Use a measuring tape around your bust and ribcage and measure in inches to determine what size would fit you best. Handful can comfortably accommodate an A, B, or C cup. D+ cups can wear Handful Bras as an every day leisure, yoga and walking bra, but the higher the cup size, the more your cups might runneth over!

BUST 32-33.5 34.5-36 36.5-38 39-41 42-44.5
RIBCAGE 27.5-28.5 29-31 32-34 35-37 38-40