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7 Wellness Trends for Fall 2021

on October 13, 2021

7 Fall Wellness Trends

Fall for most is the best time of year - with cozy nights, fall colors and sweater weather, it's a welcome change of pace from the hot weather from the past Summer. So what are the trends for 2021? Wellness both physical and mental are a huge focus for women this year - check out some of those trends we expect to see this season:



Having a business based out of the Pacific Northwest is not without its perks - with hundreds of nearby trails and pathways tucked throughout the area, Hiking is an ideal exercise for the fall months to spot the changing foliage and to take advantage of the mild weather. Hiking is also great for your health! Not only is it a great cardio workout, Studies have shown that hiking helps reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. If you’re not sure where to find the best hiking near you, find a trail through the American Hiking Society. 


Immune Boosting Foods and Supplements

Since the start of 2020, being healthier and boosting the immune system has been a large focus for a number of people - In 2021 this trend has only grown. Fall and Winter are usually when we see swaths of people coming down with the flu or a cold and it makes perfect sense to strengthen your immune system ahead of season. Stews, Soups or even Smoothies are great meals to get nutrient-packed foods into your diet - consider adding mineral supplements like zinc or vitamin D to your next smoothie! 


Virtual wellness

Virtual Wellness has come out as a clear winner through 2020 and certainly into 2021 - it came at a time when we needed it most, and looks like it's here to stay. Everyday, people are finding that virtual wellness in the form of online therapy, Teladoc, zoom support groups and much more, can be more convenient than traditional therapy or pre-pandemic support groups. Those seeking to improve their mental health also find that it's less stressful and more comfortable to be able to have the ability to improve their wellbeing within their own space. Virtual Wellness is a trend that we expect to see more often as it continues to grow in popularity. 


Adaptogenic Drinks

On the rise this fall are adaptogenic drinks - drinks that contain adaptogens, a group of plants meant to help your body adapt to stress or other ailments when taken over a period of time. While used for centuries in Eastern Medicine, it has recently picked up steam in the US as a new go-to drink to help cope with stress by regulating hormones in the body. While there are around 15 plants that fall into the category, the most common adaptogens found in infused drinks include ashwagandha, ginseng, ­­holy basil and maca.


Cold Water Therapy 

Another therapy that has been around for ages that has picked up in popularity recently is Cold Water Therapy. This can range from the more extreme ice baths or cold chambers to a simple cold shower every morning - whichever method you choose, the results are vast. While typically used for recovery, Cold water therapy helps to improve circulation, boost your immune system and reduce inflammation in the body but can also help to improve quality of sleep and energy levels. Cold water therapy should be done with water that is around 59°F or 15°C


Mental Fitness

While Physical fitness is important, it's also important to make sure we’re working out the brain as well - Whether it's because people have more time on their hands or simply want to better themselves, Mental Fitness is picking up steam in 2021. Working to enhance your mental fitness helps our ability to cope with stress and improves physical health, productivity and overall happiness. Mental fitness doesn’t have to take a lot of time and spending just a few minutes everyday can help to improve cognitive function - Logic games like Sudoku, puzzles or crosswords are great brain exercises as well as reading. 


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