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Comfort All Around: Best Low Impact Bra for Day to Day Comfort

on October 18, 2021

Finding the right bra can seem like a hard-fought battle that we have all struggled with at one time or another - you can spend hours scrolling, saving, doing the research and still come up empty handed. Sometimes, finding something that's both comfortable AND well constructed seems almost impossible - until now! Handful Activewear has some of the most comfortable and versatile activewear - and thankfully they also have several options for Low Impact Bras for Day to Day comfort. 

But first, lets go over some basic tips on what to look for in a comfortable bra: Size, Fabric and Shape


Having the right size bra is so important to whether or not a bra will work for you and making sure something fits your body is going to make all the difference in overall comfort. Handful Activewear thankfully has a very simple sizing system in that your bra size will match with your shirt size. Alternatively, measuring your ribcage and bust with a measuring tape and comparing to the online sizing chart.


The best low impact bra for day to day comfort has breathable, soft and stretchy fabric that feels light on the skin. Handful Activewear utilizes an eco-friendly recycled polyester that checks all those boxes. Another great perk of this fabric? Its moisture-wicking and non chafing - perfect any light workouts like Yoga or Hiking


While shape may not seem as important as fabric or size, certain features can definitely add to comfort. Something to look for in a good bra is  a wider back band and sides to help improve overall support - Adjustable straps also help to improve posture and comfort. If you have larger breasts, look for a bra that has wider straps to take off some of the pressure you might have with smaller or skinny straps. 

Best Low Impact Bras for Day to Day Comfort From Handful

The Adjustable Bra

The Adjustable Sports Bra from Handful Activewear is our original do-it-all, all-day bra and is known for versatility and all day comfort. The Adjustable straps  are the star on this bra - configure them 3 different ways to fit your needs: Straight-up, Halter and the X-Back. The Adjustable bra from Handful is made with a washable, Soft and moisture-wicking Recycled Polyester, that’s not only comfortable but also easy to care for. 

Click Here to See the Handful Adjustable Bra

FaV Bra

The FaV Bra

The FaV Bra is another favorite from Handful when it comes to all-day comfort - Featuring a deep V cut in the front and keyhole design on the back, this bra is both functional and fashionable. While the front may be a little revealing, this bra is not lacking in coverage! The higher sides and wide band at the back are sure to give you the support you need. The larger shoulder straps also can help to prevent shoulder pain for women with larger breasts. 

Click Here to Shop the FaV Sport Bra

If you want to compare and contrast the features, support level and comfort of the Sports bras from Handful, Click here to view our Bra Style Guide


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