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Getting Chilly Out? 7 Indoor Workouts for Fall 2021

on October 21, 2021
woman doing yoga indoors

As the seasons change, temperatures drop, and the days get shorter - most find it easy to fall out of their normal workout routines and into the couch with their favorite movie and a cozy blanket. Here in the Pacific Northwest, its hard to even think about trying to run, bike or hike local trails when its drizzly and cold out but there are thankfully plenty of alternatives to keep the blood flowing all year round. 

Indoor Workouts and Activities are great for those that want to escape the Fall and Winter; Here's our list of 7 Indoor workouts to try this Fall 


While nothing quite replaces the feeling of cycling outdoors, indoor cycling is a fantastic way to hide from the cold while still keeping up your endurance and stamina from those long Summer rides. You can either utilize an at-home cycle machine or exercise bike, find one at your local gym or even find a location that has an indoor track. 


Yoga is not only great for the body but also beneficial for the mind, which might be the perfect thing if you find yourself needing to be more present in your daily workout. Yoga is an activity that can be done just about anywhere and without equipment if you’re in a pinch - although it's recommended to at least have a Yoga Mat or soft, but stable surface. Whether at home or in a local Yoga studio, Yoga is an easy and calming indoor workout - If you want to kick it up a notch, consider Hot Yoga


While Pilates and Yoga may seem very similar, there are some key differences. A Pilates workout focuses on small movements to work your core and back muscles - This helps to improve stabilization, core strength and posture. If you’re a beginner, look into beginner courses at a local Pilates studio or find a video online to help you get started at home. 

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is popular year-round but really booms in the fall and winter when outside conditions are not ideal - Rock Climbing is perfect for those that want a challenge to work both your muscles and brain. Even if you’ve never climbed before, a big perk of indoor rock climbing facilities is that there is never a spotter far away which makes for a safer, more controlled environment while you're finding the newest path up the wall. 


Giving a healthy dose of nostalgia, Trampolining is probably the most fun workout you can do and it's thankfully picked up in popularity over the last few years in the form of Indoor Trampoline parks. This activity works out your whole body, and is a great way to increase your heart rate, improve balance and overall coordination. If you can’t find a nearby facility, consider purchasing a smaller indoor trampoline. 


While swimming might seem like a summer-only activity, you can continue to perfect your backstroke by taking advantage of an indoor pool. A relaxing and low impact workout, it's an ideal indoor Fall activity for those that might have physical impairments. 

Hula Hooping

Another nostalgic indoor activity on this list is Hula Hooping! Many might think this is just for kids but its also a simple and effective addition to your workout routine. Hula hooping works your lower body, core muscles and burns calories quickly. To get started find the right-sized hoop and find some online tutorials - if you get bored of basic hooping, add some cool tricks to the mix! 

Whether you're looking to escape the cold or simply just want something fun and active to do indoors this Fall we hope these suggestions add something new to your Fall workout routine. 


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