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A Daughter's Love Through Cancer -- by Cary Kim

A Daughter's Love Through Cancer -- by Cary Kim

May 12, 2020

This blog, by Handful's very own Cary Kim, is reposted from our friends at fightingpretty.org

Right now, the COVID-19 social distancing rules state guests, family members or caretakers cannot enter cancer clinics, meet with the care team, or sit next to patients as they receive IV infusions. This was the first time I was not at my mom’s side for treatment during the last 2.5 years since her diagnosis.

This photo was taken last week, the tight smile an indication of the concern I was feeling for my mom who was meeting with her oncologist and receiving treatment for breast cancer…completely alone.

As I sat in the parking lot trying to pass the time, I saw a #SendingStrength Instagram post on Fighting Pretty and immediately felt like this was one small thing I could do to support my mom and all the other cancer patients who are having to go it alone during the pandemic. I made a donation, grabbed an envelope from my dashboard and set up my camera to snap a self-timed photo. I can’t wait to get my mom’s phone call when the little pink boxing gloves arrive in the mail, and I love that every time she sees those gloves, she will remember that she does not fight alone!

I will tell you from experience, having gone through breast cancer myself, that to a patient in treatment, the little moments of feeling loved and thought about MATTER! And getting something in the mail during the pandemic will feel especially magical to a patient experiencing the double whammy of cancer during quarantine.

I challenge you to send someone you love going through any cancer this gift or just make a donation so Fighting Pretty can send a gift to someone you don’t know. No one should fight alone!

About Cary Kim

Cary is Director of Survivor Relations here at Handful. You can read more about her cancer journey, about her mom's diagnosis, and learn why you should Feel on the First

About Fighting Pretty

Fighting Pretty sends "Pretty Packages" which are donated care packages intended to empower women battling all types of cancer, at any stage of treatment to feel strong, beautiful and fierce through their fight with cancer. Learn more about Fighting Pretty at fightingpretty.org.


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