My Handful Bra debut.. - By amBADASSador Taryn Perry

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My Handful Bra debut.. - By amBADASSador Taryn Perry

on April 26, 2018

My Handful debut started, if you can believe it, back in 2007, finding Handful by happenstance – being a BRAND NEW Mom, a few months postpartum, just finished nursing my first baby and left with next to nothing, of a chest. As the retailer suggested the Adjustable Bra to me, as an everyday wear and would give me some resemblance of a chest again, I was hooked!! I got one in 3 colors, and likely was the start of wearing very few actual bras, going forward! And boy, were all 3 WELL loved. They took me through my 2nd pregnancy in 2008, through nursing my son and into what started my fitness journey into a career.

In 2011, I was asked to be on QVC with Tony Horton, the creator of the home fitness program, P90X and I panicked, as I lost my entire chest, nursing both my babies. And having more of an “athletic” figure and being a Mom, I needed a little help up front. So as I was packing my workout gear for our 5 shows, my Handful adjustable bra (the pink one had the most life left to it – told you they were well loved), was the first to go in my bag to make it’s debut with me on our show. There’s something about those “handful” pads that make ALL the difference on camera!!

Handful amBADASSador Taryn Perry wearing the Handful Now and Zen Bra exercising

So fast forward to present day, and saw another fitness influencer wearing the “Y” back, it was fate, that Handful was making it’s way back into my life. Then imagine my excitement when I got the email inviting me to be a brand new AmBADASSador! It’s like all the stars aligned and we were back together again! Now, I needed to try them all – and as a fitness instructor that’s ALWAYS on the go, EVERY style gels perfectly with my lifestyle and don’t feel like I’m trapped inside a straight jacket. Each have enough edge to wear on their own, or layered under the Peek-A-Breeze Long Sleeve or any off the shoulder top. 

But honestly, just as fitness is my source of empowerment, there is nothing more empowering when you can feel SEXY in your workout gear again – even while embracing the ever changing Mom BOD!

I’m honored to be aligned with Handful, their mission and their Community of other amazing women looking to kick ass and take names, in this crazy thing we call life!

Taryn Perry - Read more about her here!


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