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Support in All Forms: Tips for Finding the Best Bra for Large Breasts

on September 16, 2021

Well-endowed women have different challenges than women who have smaller chests - It's challenging because women with heavier, larger breasts need to find a supportive bra to look good, feel good and stay healthy. The right bra will uplift your bust line, lengthen your posture, and improve overall comfort.

Finding the just right for you bra takes some trial and error, so let's get started with tried and true tips to find the best bra for large breasted women.

Bra Size: Why Finding the Right Size is Important

Most women are wearing the wrong bra size and style for their figure. Did you know that different bras are made for different breast shapes? Talk about confusing. It is a common mistake, especially for large breasted women to choose a bra that is way too small. This results in a tight, uncomfortable fit that is neither flattering nor healthy for your back and posture. 

Handful likes to keep things simple - if you don't have a measuring tape on hand, our general rule of thumb is that your bra size matches with your shirt size. If you do happen to have a measuring tape nearby, we recommend measuring your ribcage and the fullest part of your bust and then comparing that sizing to our online chart. 

The Back And Sides Matter

A great fitting bra really does have our back. We're always so focused on our bra cup size and how we look from the front that it's easy to neglect the sides and back of the bra. Keep in mind, the wider the back band and the sides of the bra are the more support your breasts will have. Straps that are adjustable will add to a superior fit - plus these important features will improve your comfort and posture.

A sign of a well fitting bra is if it remains flat across your back when you lift your arms. If the back band moves the bra is too big, however If your breasts and back bulge over the bands, the bra is too small.  

Fabric Makes A Difference

Large breasted women require a bra that is made of heavier, breathable materials like microfiber, spandex, or a fabric like Handful's recycled polyester. Sorry, busty babes, lace, and lighter see-through fabrics won't provide enough support for those high-impact workouts. Thankfully, today's technology has launched a whole new era of comfortable, breathable, supportive, and fashionable fabric combinations. Some bras that are originally designed for exercise are now worn as everyday bras thanks to this life-changing advances.

Finding the best bra for large or sagging breast can be a lengthy but important challenge and we're here to make it easy - A supportive bra is the foundation of healthy, uplifted breasts for a lifetime.



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