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Carlee McDot

on September 07, 2016

Carlee is a runner from Oceanside, CA (although her heart belongs to Michigan, which is where she moved from after graduating from the University of Michigan in 2006). She started running in 2012 when a friend challenged her to train for the Disneyland Half Marathon. At that time she was looking for a hobby to call her own. Deciding that even if running wasn't "her thing," at least she would be at the Happiest Place on Earth, she signed up and the rest is history. You can say she caught the running bug and hasn't stopped since.

This year's Disneyland Half Marathon will mark her 4 year running anniversary and her 31st half marathon. She has also completed eight full marathons and a myriad of shorter distance races. Her goal is to eventually qualify for the Boston Marathon (even if it takes her until she is 80 years old, when the time requirement is a little more lenient).

Running is definitely a passion for Carlee and she tries to constantly share that joy and excitement with those around her. Follow her on social media (@CarleeMcDot) for a few days and you will see the inspiration that flows from her pores and the reason why she is most definitely a Handful! From running races in costumes (always with a giant smile) to sharing encouraging quotes, she loves to see those around her succeed and live happy and healthy lives.

When she isn't running, Carlee is normally on some type of adventure with her husband and wiener dog (named Walt). They love camping, hiking and exploring the great outdoors! Their dream is to eventually pack up and live in a van while traveling around the country.